Short Paper

Short Paper Assignment

There are three ways to fulfill this assignment. While writing a short, analytical paper is obviously the best preparation for the final research paper project, you should feel free to choose any of the following three options:

  1. Short analytical paper: 6-7 pages, using at least one primary and at least one theoretical source we have covered so far. MLA format, list of works cited (which is included in the 6-7 pages required), etc.
  2. Manifesto: By this point in the semester, we will have read some celebrated essays on literary realism. Write your own, around 5 pages in length, and, as these other essays do, respond to the views of others as articulated in the texts we’ve read. Situate yourself within the larger run of theories of realism.
  3. Art and Analysis: Produce a creative work (a film, sculpture, fiction, poetry, etc.), and then explain its approach to (or against) realistic representation. Then, using at least one of the theorists we’ve read so far, analyze what you’ve written.

These assignments should be shared with me as a Google doc at the gabaker at email address, by midnight on the due date.


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