Phineas Topics

Phineas Redux Topics blogs (2 x 50 = 100 points)

Pick one of the following topics, and blog twice on it, on the dates indicated in the class calendar here. You’ll want to trace the treatment of the topic over the course of the novel, or at least be able to give a sense, by the time you’re done reading it, of what you think we learn about that topic from the novel. If there are things that interest you and are related to the idea of the law that aren’t on the list below, feel free to write on them. Please share these with me as a Google Doc (gabaker at, so I can give feedback.

  • How does the subplot involving hunting and Trumpeton Wood reveal something to us about Victorian ecology and environmental stewardship?
  • How is the political process–and particularly the process of making laws–portrayed?
  • How does the novel depict the electoral process and the act of standing for election, representing a constituency, etc.?
  • How are Scottish characters and/or Scottish spaces portrayed?
  • How are the Irish and/or Ireland portrayed?
  • How are characters from the European continent and/or Europe itself portrayed?
  • How is the institution of marriage and/or marriage law portrayed?
  • How is the space of London portrayed?

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