Things you didn’t get to say in class? Jokes related to our discussions? Things you came across on the internet that you think might interest us? Post them here!

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  1. Just a heads up…If anyone is citing OED, there is a citation generator for those of you who are lazy like myself. It’s in the upper bar on the page when you look up your word. Yay college!

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  2. I’ve had some difficulty getting into Phineas to begin with. I wanted to suggest something that helped me pick up the book with a new set of eyes. I went through and read some average reviews of the book and what people thought, and how they felt and what they connected with and then picked up the book again and read to look for those connections, which helped me to make the experience more interesting and better to settle into the novel. I felt like it was a bit harder to get started with unlike our previous reads. But once you do, you can keep going. So I suggest reading why this book was good to other people if you are having some difficulty with it.


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