English 456 Calendar

NB: Most of the supplemental readings link to Google Books ereaders, but they may also be available in other formats.

Wk 1    Week of Jan 19

T          Introduction

Th        Empirical Evidence

John Locke, from An Essay concerning Human Understanding (1690)

Book IV, ch. XI, “Of our Knowledge of the Existence of Other Things” (Google Books or here for .pdf)

Book IV, ch. XV, “Of Probability” (Google Books or here for .pdf)

Sir Geoffrey Gilbert, from The Law of Evidence (1754), pages 1-5

Wk 2    Week of Jan 26

T         Mary Shelley, Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus (1818/1831), 5-31

                        Alexander Welsh, from Strong Representations (.pdf) 2-31

Th        Shelley, cont., 31-89

Wk 3    Week of Feb 2

T         Shelley, cont., 90-149

            Jean-Jacques Rousseau, from Discourse on the Origins of Inequality (1754), “Preface” (Google Books pp 164-73 or here for .pdf)

Th        Shelley, cont., 149-223 (end)

Optional: Jonathan Grossman, from The Art of Alibi

F        Austen OED assignment due by midnight

Wk 4    Week of Feb 9

T          Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility (1811), Vol. I, pages 1-102

Th        Austen, cont., Vol. II ch 1-VIII, pages 103-149

Wk 5    Week of Feb 16

T          Austen, cont., Vol. II ch IX-Vol. III ch VIII, pages 150-252

Th        Austen, cont., Vol. III ch IX, pages 252-end

Thomas Starkie, from A Practical Treatise of the Law of Evidence (1824), “Introduction,” page 1-11 [you can skip the very lengthy footnotes]; from Chapter III, pages 44-57 [on hearsay evidence]

F          Austen Legal assignment due by midnight

Wk 6    Week of Feb 23

T          Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone (1868), 1-105 (through chapter XII)

 Th        Collins, cont., 105-158 (through chapter XIX)

 Sun          Moonstone Whodunit? Log 1 due by midnight [finish “The First Period,” “The Loss of the Diamond,” before writing this log]

Wk 7    Week of Mar 2

T          Collins, cont., 158-263 (through “The Discovery of the Truth,” first narrative)

 Th        Collins, cont., 263-321 (through “The Discovery of the Truth,” chapter IV)

 F          Moonstone Whodunit? Log 2 due by midnight

Wk 8    Week of Mar 9

T          Collins, cont., 321-427 (through “The Discovery of the Truth,” fourth narrative)

 Th        Collins, cont., 427-466 (end)

 F          Moonstone Whodunit? Log 3 due by midnight

Spring Break

Wk 9    Week of Mar 23

T          Collins, cont.

Th        Meet in normal classroom, and bring a laptop or tablet for a research methods workshop led by Ms. Rachel Arteaga, from the Merriam Library. This will be most useful to you if you bring ideas—even vague ones—for a project topic.

F          Law Reports Report due by midnight

Wk 10  Week of Mar 30

T          No class :: César Chávez Day

Th        Anthony Trollope, Phineas Redux (1874), 1-203 (through ch. 28)

  Plot summary of Phineas Finn (1867-68), the precursor to Phineas Redux. Even more detailed summary here.

Wk 11  Week of Apr 5

T          Trollope, cont., 203-289 (end Volume I)

Th        Trollope, cont., 291-334 (through ch. 46)

F           Phineas Redux Topics blog 1 due by midnight

Wk 12  Week of Apr 12

T          Trollope, 334-433 (through ch. 60)

Th        Trollope, 433-481 (through ch. 67)

Wk 13  Week of Apr 20

M           Phineas Redux Topics blog 2 due by midnight

T          Trollope, cont., 481-569 (end)

Th        Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet (1887), Part 1, 1-66

Wk 14  Week of Apr 27

T          Doyle, cont., Part 2, 69-127

Th        Doyle, cont.

F          Annotated bibliography due by midnight

Wk 15  Week of May 4

T          Watch Sherlock: A Study in Pink

Th        Sherlock, cont.

Wk 16: Finals Week

Final Papers due by midnight, by email, on Friday, May 14


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